Moving Supplies

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Great for securing furniture and cargo in the trailer. 100-foot roll can be cut to length to fit the job you need.


Protects hardwood, ceramic, linoleum and carpet


18” x 30”
500 lb capacity

3” Casters


18” x 32”
900 lbs capacity

Heavy Duty 3.5” Rubber Casters


Lightweight plastic cover
72” x 52”
1 mil


Lightweight plastic cover
110” x 52”
1 mil


Lightweight plastic cover
140” x 52”
1 mil


This thick and durable door jamb protector is made from the same material as moving blankets.


These hand truck covers are made of the same soft, but durable material as moving blankets.

Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies are one of the best tools to make your next move go easier and much smoother through products we have determined to be helpful. If at any point you have any questions about any of the packaging supplies we are here to help you in any way that we can. You can give our moving experts a call by calling us at 800-478-7869 or by using our contact us page at the top of the website.

Door Jamb Protector – As the name implies Door Jamb Protectors were made in order to be thick and yet durable for your wooden door jambs by using the same high quality moving blanket material that you have come to love. Door Jamb Protectors can easily protect large objects such as tables, chairs, and appliances from damaging or scratching wooden door frames. Not only can this help reduce damage to customers doorways but it can also prevent damage to the personal belongings you are moving out the door.

Hand Truck Covers – Hand Truck Covers are one of the most popular products inside of our Moving Supplies for professional and first time movers due to the great design and low price. Hand Truck Covers use the same moving blanket material that door jamb protectors and moving blankets are made out of but are used on hand truck dollies to prevent damage to washers, dryers, refrigerators, dining room tables, and other heavy personal belongings of the customer.

4 Wheel Rubber Capped Dolly – 18” x 30” with a load capacity of 800 pounds made for moving heavy appliances across the floor or up the ramp of a dry van or moving van. Once the heavy appliances are placed on top of the wheel capped dolly you can easily wheel the appliances into place at its next location, while at the same time being able to reduce injuries from potentially carrying extremely heavy appliances. The main difference between rubber capped dolly and a carpeted dolly is that rubber capped provides a much smoother transport and is better on appliances type of moves.

4 Wheel Carpeted Dolly – Carpeted Dollies are the same design as the 4 Wheel Rubber Capped Dolly, but they utilize carpeted surfaces instead of rubber. This makes moving furniture that has sensitive fabric the more ideal choice to make sure that surfaces do not rub and cause friction that could result in burn damage during transportation.

Neoprene Floor Runner – Neoprene floor runners are used to protect sensitive tile flooring or hardwood flooring from scratches or scuffs. You can avoid the problem of damage to your flooring by simply putting down the floor runner before using dollies over top. This creates a great way to keep your hardwood floors or ceramic tiles lasting without the need to ever need to be replaced from moving damage.