What are Moving Blankets?

Published on 10/04/18

Did you know that Moving Blankets can make your move not only safer for your valuable items that can often not always be replaced, but the moving blankets can also provide an easier move? Let’s begin with how moving blankets make moving easy!

What are Moving Blankets?

Moving Blankets also are known as Moving Pads, Furniture Pads, as well as Warehouse Pads, are similar to the blankets you use inside your house. The difference is the weight of the blankets due to the amount of heavy-duty polyester and cotton blend that gives Moving Blankets compared to traditional blankets protection against potential scratches, dings, or damage on your wooden surfaces.

Moving Blankets are sewn together with an S-pattern stitching weave that keeps the moving blankets tightly secured as well as yet durable. One of the main reasons moving blankets were created was to help prevent against scratches on perfectly good wooden surfaces during a move due to rubbing against a sharp edge or corner in the back of a moving truck or moving vans. There is nothing worse than purchasing a brand new wooden table only to have it damaged in your move and will need to be repaired or replaced which can lead to being extremely costly, as well as it could have potentially also been avoided by using furniture pads.

Types of Moving Blankets

There are many different types of moving blankets such as lightweight moving blankets, premium weight moving blankets, and heavyweight moving blankets. Each Moving blankets provides a different weight of material which in return provides different layers of protection with the heavyweight moving blankets providing the best protection. Lightweight moving blankets are our most affordable moving blankets, however, they may have a more limited time use as the fabric may only provide basic level protection.

For those who plan on having a one time move our budget warehouse pads would probably fit this application best. Those who intend on moving several times during the next few years or have valuables that you want to ensure do not get damaged during your move as well as providing the ultimate peace of mind then our premium moving blankets would provide the ultimate protection that you deserve. Our premium moving blankets combine the best of both worlds with being a perfect weight, perfect level of protection, as well as a great price point. No matter if you are buying single moving blankets or by the dozen!

Lightweight Moving Blankets

Lightweight moving blankets are light in weight which allows for easy moving of the moving pads. Not only are the lightweight moving blankets lighter in weight but they also create a more affordable price. Lightweight moving blankets are not recommended to be thrown in the washer or dryer due to the fabric being thinner it could potentially damage or weaken the moving blankets threads.

Traditionally depending on the amount of usage lightweight moving blankets tend to last a more limited amount of time when being compared to our other heavier duty moving blankets. We recommend for any surfaces that may need extra special attention to look at our premium moving blankets or heavy duty due to the extra layers of protection.

Premium Moving Blankets

Premium Moving blankets are our standard size of moving blankets as well as our most popular throughout the industry for both first-time movers as well as professional moving van fleets. The success behind the premium moving blankets being so popular is the great price for the quality of moving pads that you receive. You can expect that these moving blankets will provide the protection to fight against those pesky corners during a move and wooden surfaces from getting scratched up. We recommend using shrink wrap, large moving rubber bands, or tape to keep the moving blankets wrapped around the cargo you are planning on moving.

These are considered our better level of moving blankets in terms of protection. However, if you anticipate on transporting something that you need the ultimate protection or ultimate peace of mind for then we recommend our ultimate moving blankets for our ultimate level of protection. Our premium moving blankets come standard in the color choices of either Blue or Black. If you anticipate on ordering a large quality of premium moving blankets please give our moving blanket experts a call at 800-478-7869 to determine the best shipping methods as well as moving blanket colors in our inventory.

Ultimate Moving Blankets

These are our ultimate level of moving blankets and are the heaviest as well as providing the ultimate protection against the elements. These blankets are incredibly heavy and are made from cotton and polyester mesh that keeps the moving blankets as a great method to prevent any of those deeper scratches that could traditionally occur when moving. There is nothing worse than purchasing a new dining room table only to have to have the table replaced due to scratches when you arrive at your destination.

Most of the time the way scratches occur during moving are out of your hand without using moving blankets. It’s caused by hitting a bump in the road, cargo rubbing against each other, or load shifts from not being tied down on your journey to your new location. This can all be prevented through the use of our ultimate moving blankets as well as using ratchet straps to properly secure the cargo from falling.

Here is MovingBlanketsUSA we have everything you need from the start of your move to the end of your move. You can find everything in our moving supplies section such as tape, ratchet straps, dollies, door jamb protectors, and more. No matter what kind of move you have in mind from office spaces, houses, or even across your house we have the ultimate moving blanket selection for everyone as well as for every budget.

USA Made Moving Blankets

Did you know that there are also the USA Made moving blankets? The perks of buying these compared to other moving blankets are you can expect availability, a quality that you deserve most, all while helping keep jobs inside of the USA. We are located in the center of Ohio with several large shipping terminals near us that make for great time frames to expect your moving blankets to arrive in.

Our USA made moving blankets are indeed made inside of the United States with real workers. The quality you may find on these blankets may be higher than our traditional moving blankets due to higher quality control. Although, we take pride in the quality of all of our products we take extra steps to make sure the moving blankets will keep your personal possessions safe during transportation. You can find out more about our USA made moving blankets here

Moving Blanket Supplies

MovingBlanketsUSA’s online store also has some of the moving supplies that you have come to love such as rubber bands to keep your moving blankets secured, dollies to help prevent scratching from occurring to floors, as well as door jamb protectors. Door jamb protectors are made from the same great material as moving blankets and are used to help prevent any damage or scratches from occurring to wooden door frames. Did you know that there are even moving blankets that are specifically designed for the dollies that help fight against scratches on refrigerators, ovens, or other incredibly heavy objects during your move. Hand Truck Covers are the ultimate way to provide protection when moving those extra heavy items that simply lifting may not be possible on without using dollies.

How Moving Blankets Make Moving Easy

Moving blankets have become a staple in the moving industry specifically for first-time movers, as well as those who are in the professional moving or trucking industry. Moving blankets are made from a high-quality cotton and polyester blend that allows for the ultimate protection. Moving blankets are placed over everything from wooden surfaces, dining room tables, and desks to protect them against potential scratches, dings, or other damage when shipping.

Moving blankets are simple to use and provide great protection due to their heavy duty cotton and polyester blend that protects the valuables that you are transporting by providing a thick layer of protection. Not only is the material that moving blankets are made from incredibly strong and durable, but the stitching also provides great protection against sharp edges that could cause harmful damage otherwise. Moving blankets can also be placed on the floor during a move objects such as bookshelves or other heavy household items can be pushed across the floor without damaging tile or wooden floors inside of a house, business, or kitchen.

Moving pads can make the ultimate difference between having a stress free move knowing that the items that can’t always be replaced are safe throughout the move and will arrive at their destination in the same condition that they left in. The peace of mind that everyone deserves in the middle of an already stressful move.

How many Moving Blankets Do I Need

When deciding how many moving blankets you need to fit your application there are a few things you will need to ask yourself. One of the number one things you need to know is the grade of moving blankets. The heavier the weight of the moving blankets the more protection that they can offer you for your application. These blankets can also be reused, so if you plan on going a short distance on a move. You can utilize these blankets more than once. However, if you intend on moving a long distance the cost of driving back may not fit everyone’s move and may require more blankets.

If you intend on judging how many blankets you need based on room size this guide below is a good rule of thumb on deciding how many blankets fit your moving needs.

1 Bedroom – 12 Moving Blankets
2 Bedroom – 24 Moving Blankets
3 Bedroom – 36 Moving Blankets
4 Bedroom – 48 Moving Blankets

Although these may not be the exact amount you need per room in your house to move this is a great rule of thumb is a dozen moving blankets per bedroom inside of the house. If you are planning on using these blankets as a professional mover rule of thumb is usually one moving blanket or moving pad for every 5 square feet of room inside of the truck for transportation. An example would be if you had a 20-foot moving truck or moving van you would want roughly 32 moving blankets to get the job done.

Alternatively, you can simply count the number of objects inside of your room that you plan on moving or around the house and supply moving pads as needed for those items. Some other alternative items that moving pads go great with TV’s, kitchen tables, desks, glass tables, as well as living room sets. These are just a few of the many different items that can go with furniture pads to help give you the peace of mind that you deserve during a move.

Moving Blanket Tips

Some of the best moving advice any moving blanket expert could give is when using moving pads to protect valuable items make sure you also have something such as shrink wrap, duct tape, or moving rubber bands which are located in our store to keep the moving blankets secured.

If you have any question regarding any of our moving blankets give our moving blanket experts a call at 800-478-7869 and our moving pad experts would be happy to assist you further with answering any questions or helping provide the perfect moving blanket for your application.

Another great moving tip is protecting TV’s against the elements when moving. Although they don’t have a wooden surface that could easily scratch up, they are very sensitive to receiving damage. Moving blankets can also protect Tv’s as well! As you can see in the video below you can easily utilize moving blankets in combination with shrink wrap to make for the ultimate protection for any size moving blankets. This can also be done with ratchet straps, rubber bands, or even tape to keep the moving blankets tightly wrapped around the TV.

In this video, you can easily see how effective moving blankets have become a vital part of the moving blanket industry. Without moving blankets not only could items break or become scratched to pieces but professional movers could lose future clients due to damage that was done. Moving blankets can be found all around the world now as the popularity continues to rise. Here at Moving Blankets USA, we are here to help make the moving process easier and stress-free. If you have a move in mind and want some of our moving experts to assist you to give our moving experts a call at 800-478-7869 and we would be happy to assist you with product recommendations to help make your move EASY!.