Best Places To Buy Moving Blankets

Published on 10/05/18

Today we will be going over the best places to buy quality moving blankets from. Here is why you need quality moving blankets.

Best Places to Buy Moving Blankets Online

Where to buy Moving Blankets

When buying moving blankets there are several things you will need to look out for. Firstly, you need to determine what kind of move you will be doing. If you plan to move once such as into a new apartment or into a new house, for example, you can most likely get away with cheaper more one-time-use type of blankets such as our blankets found here

You may ask what makes the difference between lower quality and cheaper moving blankets compared to premium and higher quality types of moving blankets that are used for multiple moves, professional movers, or cargo that needs that extra layer of protection that furniture pads can offer its users. The real main difference of having quality moving blankets, compared to having moving blankets that are made from cheap materials. Experts will agree that heavier duty moving blankets are made from more fabric which adds more weight to your moving blankets.

Moving Blankets vs Normal Blankets

The real key difference between normal household blankets and the blanket quality of moving blankets is the thickness of Moving Blankets. Remember the key to finding the amount of protection that a moving blanket can offer you is based on the number of layers of fabric that help build the number of layers of protection for you. In other words, most industry experts would say that the more weight of the blankets the more protection that is being offered for.

This is how all moving blankets are determined their strength is by their weight usually by the weight of the dozen moving pads. Moving pads are sold by the individuals, by packs of four, or by the dozen is the most common which is why moving pads are based on the weight by the dozen. The amount of moving blankets you need for your next move really determines on several factors such as the number of rooms in your house, how many wooden or sensitive surfaces you have inside your house, as well as if you have any valuable items such as TVs that you don’t want to be damaged in shipping as well. See our full guide on how many Moving Blankets are recommended for each move here

Used Moving Blanket Being Resold for a Cheaper Price

Wholesale Moving Blankets

When looking for wholesale moving blankets the most important thing to look for is the quality remaining the same in all of the blankets. Here at MovingBlanketsUSA quality is our number one priority. There is nothing worse than the stress of a big move and arriving at your new location to see a wooden surface scratched to pieces. This could easily be avoided by using Moving Blankets as well as keeping customers for professional movers who move several times a day on a daily basis.

As being one of the leading providers for the USA made Moving Blankets and as a supplier for Moving Blankets in the United States, we do offer lower rates to those who may purchase moving pads in bulk. If you are interested in more information about buying any of our moving blankets in a bulk-sized order please give our Moving Blanket Experts a call at 800-478-7869 and we would be happy to assist you with pricing quotes to your location as well as potential discount pricing. Discounts are based on the size of the order size that is placed.

Cheap Moving Blankets vs Expensive Moving Blankets

When looking at the differences between cheap moving blankets and expensive moving blankets the main things to look at are the price point. Moving blankets although they might be cheaper elsewhere the main purpose of moving blankets is to provide protection. Cheaper Moving Blankets still need to provide the protection for your belongings to be safe throughout the start and finish of your move. Most competitors who claim they have cheaper moving blankets simply can’t offer enough protection to keep your valuables actually safe from damage.

MovingBlanketUSA has a cheaper line of Moving Blankets but we have limited determined through research which moving blankets actually can protect and those who say they offer protection. Though our cheaper moving blankets have enough protection for a one time move these blankets may last for a limited time and are not recommended to be washed in a washer or dryer. Expensive moving blankets last for a longer period of time depending on wear and tear, what they are securing, as well as to how many moves they are used in.

The general rule of thumb if you are looking to make a single move or two you will be able to get away with cheaper moving blankets, if you plan to go past the single move, potentially two moves then you will need to look at the medium grade or expensive heavy-duty moving blankets. Both Cheap and Expensive Moving Blankets can offer great protection during your next move. If you have any questions about any of our cheap or expensive higher quality moving blankets please give our Moving Blanket Experts a call at 800-478-7869 and we would be happy to assist you with your moving blanket needs.

Family loading a moving truck

The Difference Between Store Moving Blankets vs Moving Blankets Online

The main difference between most traditional Moving Blankets that you can find in a store vs what you can find online such as Moving Blankets USA is the quality. The quality in the store is cheaper made in order to be a more competitive price point for the customers.

Although, we have cheaper Moving Blankets to use you ultimately want to make sure the Moving Blanket you are purchasing is able to hold up to the goods that you are protecting. No matter if it a customer’s belongings or if it is your personal belongings arriving at your destination and seeing your cargo intact and not damaged is the number one priority.

Some of the things that you will want to look for when searching for the perfect moving blanket size is the weight of the blanket. The traditional dimensions of the Moving Blankets are 72×80 inches in size and can be lightweight upwards of extremely heavy-duty per blanket. The weight of Moving Blankets is based upon the weight per dozen Moving Blankets as the industry standard.

You can find ranges from 35 pounds per dozen being the least amount of protection in the industry up to 93 pounds per dozen. The lower the weight (per dozen) the lower level of protection against scratches, small dents, and dings that could occur. Moving Blankets have been claimed in the moving industry as cheap packing supplies for moving

Moving Blankets help moving furniture into a home by preventing protecting your possessions from scratches, but did you know it can also be taped to door frames to prevent scratches to the wooden stair railing, wooden flooring, or even door frames? There is nothing worse than a door that has been destroyed due to a tight fit of appliances squeezing inside.

If you have any questions about picking the best moving blanket for your next move you can always give our experts a call by calling us at 800-478-7869 or by using our online contact form located at the top of the website. We look forward to helping you with your personal moving and professional moving needs.

Moving Blanket That is Used to Protect Sofas

How To Wrap A Moving Blanket Around a Sofa

When it comes to wrapping a blanket around a sofa the main thing you will want to make sure to do is having enough blankets to cover the entire sofa. One small area that is not covered by moving blankets could potentially receive damage that could cause the furniture needing to be replaced. Ultimately, unless you are storing the furniture for a period of time you will not need a furniture cover as well as Moving Blankets. However, it still shows you a great way to utilize tape and blankets to create a secure and safe moving technique.

As you can see in the video you are completely able to provide protection to your sofas without the need of multiple people to do so. Although, using a buddy may not be a bad thing and could potentially save you some time in the process. Packing Tape does not provide any additional protection, but it may be able to hold your moving blankets onto the surfaces that are easier to slip off providing great protection.