How E Track Straps Can Make Your Next Move Easy

Published on 09/09/21

Moving Blankets Wrapped Around Cargo

How E Track Straps Can Make Your Next Move Easy

When it comes to moving a customer’s belongings into a new house or moving across town there is never an easy one-way solution for moving. One of the ways to help make moves much easier is by using e track systems with the help of E Track Straps. E Track Straps are designed to latch into e track rails that are installed along with the flooring and the walls of the trailer or moving van in order to provide you with many different securement points from numerous different angles. This is a great solution for those who are shipping often who may not always have the same size cargo or the same number of boxes in the trailer or moving van.

Another one of the reasons that E Track Straps are so popular amongst professional movers and first-time movers is the ability to secure within seconds by using E Track Ratchet Straps and E Track Cam Buckle Straps. These work the same as traditional ratchet straps and traditional cam buckle straps but include e track system compatible end fittings that quickly latch into place in a matter of seconds saving you time and providing you with extra added strength.

E Track Systems Installed in Trailer

What is E Track Systems?

E Track Systems have been one of the leading ways for cargo securement for the professional trucking industry for decades. In the last 15 or so years, the professional moving industry has started to incorporate e track rails that are installed directly into the walls or flooring of the trailer to utilize the strength of the trailer itself. These rails can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the way that cargo is normally installed in the moving van, dry van, or pickup trailer. This helps to provide you with great amounts of strength while providing you with the highest amount of cargo securement room possible.

As time is money in the professional moving industry utilizing the highest amount of space for the customer’s personal belongings is an absolute must in the moving industry. There is nothing worse and more upsetting to the customer in the moving industry than arriving at the destination with damaged goods – that may not always be able to be replaced with money. As being a professional mover one of the goals for every move is a damage-free move that can quickly make or break a customer’s experience with your company. E Track helps to provide you with better securement angles in order to help play a part in reducing the number of damage claims every year.

Blue E Track Cam Buckle Strap

The Industry Standard Colors of E Track Straps

One of the unique parts about E Track Straps is the color scheme that is based on the length of the webbing. Industry-wide yellow is known as 12-foot straps, gray is known as 16-foot straps, and blue is known as 20 foot long straps. This helps professional movers and professional shippers know how long the length of the strap is without even picking the strap up to help save extra time during moves. This is the same rule of thumb for both E Track Cam Buckle Straps and E Track Ratchet Straps throughout the industry.

One of the main differences between E Track Straps and traditional tie-down straps is the securement points. The main advantage to using e track systems is the ability to install e track rails both vertically and horizontally giving you endless possibilities of different utilization spots in your trailer for securement depending on the type of cargo that you are securing. This works especially well for someone who is securing a large number of boxes or different sizes of cargo during the move.

The Differences Between E Track Ratchet Straps and E Track Cam Buckle Straps

The main difference between the two straps is the applications that you intend to secure. Some cargo may require a tighter securement whereas other securements that may be fragile may require a different strap that can only be tightened as much as you can with your hands. Let’s begin with the differences.

E Track Cam Buckle Straps – These straps can only be tightened using the amount of force you can pull by using the strength of your arms. This helps to prevent damage from overtightening that could occur when using e track ratchet straps for example. If you are securing customers’ belongings that may not always be replaceable or if you are securing valuable cargo this might be the strap for you. It is hand tightened and latched into place using the cam buckle hardware and can normally tighten cargo within a matter of seconds due to the quick tightening hardware and the ability to latch into a wide variety of different securement angles with e track systems that are installed along with the floors or walls of the trailer, van, or dry van.

E Track Ratchet Straps – E Track Ratchet Straps are one of the best ways to ensure that heavier cargo is transported to its destination without the risk of coming unsecured during transport. One of the perks of using ratchet hardware over cam buckle hardware is the ability to tighten cargo much more to ensure it stays in place throughout the move. One of the downsides is the potential is always there to always overtighten to cause damage if you are not being cautious when securing.