The Top 5 Moving Problems and Solutions

Published on 09/10/19

The Top 5 Moving Problems and Solutions

Moving is stressful. That is a pretty widely accepted opinion among anyone who has completed a move. Most people prefer to move themselves to save money but they are often unprepared and unequipped to take on such a big ordeal. There are a lot of problems that can arise during a move that people do not think of before they decide to move. Those problems will be discussed in todayʼs article. Along with those problems, we will discuss the equipment you can use to solve them!

Problem #1: Scratched up Furniture

A table that has been damaged during a move from scratches

Scratched up furniture is probably one of the most common problems that self movers will experience. The increased activity around the house can often be catastrophic for your nice hardwood cabinets, dressers, and kitchen tables. Leather couches and other furniture can also be damaged throughout the moving process. These types of items are usually pretty expensive to replace or repair so it is a disappointment when one of them becomes damaged in any way. The large nature of these items is another reason that many of them become damaged

The Solution: Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets are a great way to protect your beloved household items from being damaged during a move! Moving Blankets are constructed from a blend of cotton and polyester that is designed to be tough and soft at the same time. Both the toughness and the softness do their part to prevent your valuable items from harm. Moving blankets can be placed on top of, around, or in between items to prevent friction as they are loaded in and out of moving trucks or vans. They not only protect the item inside from damage but they also protect the walls and doorways of your home from scratches sustained by large furniture.

Problem #2: Back Injuries

Back Injuries from moving heavy furniture into a new house

Weʼve all been there. You are wondering if you should lift that really heavy box. We all know you shouldnʼt, but you are feeling good today and you go for it! Your mind is fully prepared to lift the box but your back not so much. This is all too common during a move. Boxes are just one example of ways that people get injured. Cabinets, dressers, couches, and the like are all injury magnets and should be carefully moved with multiple people. What if you donʼt have a group of strong young friends though? There are a few options that you should consider!

The Solution: Hand Trucks or Dollies

Hand Trucks or Dollies make moving heavy objects so much easier. They can turn a four or five person job into a 2 person job with no problems at all! Things like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and cabinets can be dangerous to move, but they donʼt have to be anymore with hand trucks and dollies. So next time you think you can carry that really heavy box, grab a hand truck instead and save you and your back from a lot of pain!

Problem #3: Breaking Boxes

We often like to fill up cardboard boxes without thinking about actually having to pick them up. Loading up cardboard boxes with heavyweight and valuable items obviously seems like a bad idea but inevitably somebody loads one up just full enough to break the box open. Most cardboard boxes are held together by one strip of tape if that. This is nowhere near enough to carry any kind of weight safely. Unnecessary spills and breakages can easily be avoided!

Boxes that have become damaged during a move

The Solution: Packing Tape

This solution is pretty obvious but many people just donʼt think about it until itʼs too late. They donʼt think about it until a pile of their belonging is spilled out on the ground while they hold an empty box in their hands. Buying a roll of packing tape is a much cheaper alternative to replacing the things that fell out of the box while you were trying to get it into the truck!

Problem #4: Items Shifting During Transportation

You can use all the methods you want to get your cargo out of the house safely but just loading it onto the truck without any preventative measures could be disastrous. Once your belongings are loaded onto the truck there is not much you can do to control them. Bumpy roads, sharp turns, and sudden stops could cause the items to shift and fall if they are not secured. Failure to secure them is risky and you may end up with a lot of broken items on your hands. This doesnʼt have to be the case though!

The Solution: Ratchet Straps

Boxes being secured by Ratchet Moving Straps in a trailer

Ratchet Straps are a versatile tool that allows you to tie down items in a secure and safe fashion. They can be used to secure anything from small boxes to massive refrigerators and everything in between! They are the go-to means of tie down securement for moving and transportation professionals. Ratchet Straps are strong, dependable, and easy to use so if you are looking for a way to safely secure your cargo, put them at the top of your list!

Problem #5: Scraped and Scratched Doorways

Doorways are the #1 victims of damage during a move. When moving large furniture and other items it can be hard to judge how wide things are and how far you are away from them. And most doorways are hardwood which means that scratches and scrapes can be easily seen by anyone who walks past them. Prevent your doors from getting scratched and dented with this one simple tip.

Door Frame That Has Become Damaged During Transportation

The Solution: Door Jamb Protectors

Door Jamb Protectors are made from the same polyester and cotton material as our moving blankets! They come with plastic clamps built into the material that is designed to hold tight to the door so you donʼt have to worry about those pesky scratches and dents. They can even be placed on handrails and the things that are prone to damage while moving heavy objects. Get some today to protect your doorways!