How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need For A Move?

Published on 06/24/24

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We often get feedback from customers asking How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need For My Next Move? We’ve developed this blog post to help you estimate the number of Moving Blankets you need based on several factors. Let’s begin.

Moving Blankets were developed to create a heavy-duty layer of fabric that helps to provide a protection barrier between sensitive surfaces and items during a move that could cause dings, dents, or deep scratches. When furniture, appliances, or other items during a move become damaged it often results in the item needing repair or replacement.

This can quickly add up as the average cost of dining room tables can range between $1,200 to upwards of $10,000 according to Country Side Amish Furniture. If you are a professional mover who is moving the customer’s personal belongings it often will result in upset customers, costly damage claims, or bad reviews and often no chance at repeat business in the future.

This is why professional movers, trucking, food service industries, and consumers use moving blankets to protect goods from receiving damage. Moving blankets are made from layers of heavy-duty fabric and are not comparable to blankets you may find lying around your house. Because of this, it is very common for the food service industry to use moving blankets to help keep their frozen goods protected from debris and to help keep the food at a safe temperature while in transit.

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How To Determine How Many Moving Blankets You Will Need

The number of moving blankets you need to purchase will ultimately depend on the amount of furniture you have that needs moving blankets to provide a barrier of protection. An easy way to calculate this would be to go into each room that you anticipate moving to a different location.

Each piece of furniture with a sensitive wooden, metal, or glass surface normally should have at minimum one or two moving blankets to ensure protection from dings, dents, or deep scratches. If the furniture or appliance is larger you will also want to consider that when purchasing moving blankets which come in size of 72 inches in height and 80 inches in width.

While going from room to room planning for your move you should keep track of how many moving blankets you will need for a safe move.

Commonly Used Moving Blanket Protection Applications

  • Couches
  • Paintings
  • Mattresses
  • Musical Instruments
  • Televisions
  • Glass tabletops
  • Artwork
  • Patio furniture
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Ovens
  • Chairs
  • Dressers
  • Bed frames
  • Grills

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How Many Moving Blankets You Need Per Bedroom

Number of Bedrooms: The Number of Moving Blankets Needed:
1 Bedroom 12 Moving Blankets
2 Bedroom 24 Moving Blankets
3 Bedroom 36 Moving Blankets
4 Bedroom 48 Moving Blankets
Another way people estimate how many furniture pads they need is to get 1 pad for every 5 square feet of space during transportation. If you had a 20ft moving truck, for example, you would want around 32 moving blankets using this method. If you had a 22-foot truck you would want to use 36 moving blankets or 3 dozen blankets to stay safe.

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Average Number of Moving Blankets Needed By Truck Size

Home Size: Recommended Truck Size: Number of Moving Blankets:
1 Bedroom apartment 10 to 16 foot truck size 12 to 24 Moving Blankets
2 Bedroom apartment  12 to 22 foot truck size
15 to 36 Moving Blankets
3 Bedroom house 16 to 22 feet truck size
24 to 36 Moving Blankets
5 Bedroom house 22 to 26 feet truck size  36 to 42 Moving Blankets

A more precise way of estimating how many mover pads to get is to count the number of items you want to protect and the number of blankets needed to cover that item. It is always best to add a few extra onto that total, however, just in case something gets overlooked.

If you are a professional mover consider taking the number of moving blankets based on the size of the truck and provide maybe an extra dozen blankets as not all moves are the same. It’s normally cheaper to invest in an extra dozen moving blankets than have to pay out of pocket or use your company’s insurance policy which could cause the insurance rates to rise.

We hope that this blog post helps you determine how many moving blankets you need for your next move. If you have any questions, need a quote, or if you are interested in our volume pricing for moving blankets feel free to reach out to us at 800-478-7869. We look forward to helping play a part in making your next move free of damage.