How to Keep Your Moving Blankets Clean

Published on 02/09/21

Different Types of Moving Blankets

When it comes to keeping moving blankets clean it can be quite difficult. Today we will be going over some of the best ways to make moving blankets last for longer while keeping the blankets from becoming dirty. Let’s begin.

There is one thing that you will want to note before you look into putting any moving blankets into a washing machine, which we highly recommend against doing so. Moving Blankets are made with a wide variety of different layers of materials that can make a one way fits all method to cleaning moving blankets extremely challenging.

One of the examples of this would be purchasing cheaper moving blankets at your hardware store that are designed to last for a very limited time vs. purchasing moving blankets from MovingBlanketsUSA that are designed to last for many different moves as they use more layers of the fabric allowing them to be more durable and heavy-duty.

Moving Blanket being used on the side of a engine of a car to protect paint

How to keep Moving Blankets Clean for Longer

Although we recommend not washing moving blankets as they are straightforward to tear or become damaged, we do recommend you take steps to not only look better but to also be able to smell better as well. One of the steps that we recommend anyone who uses moving blankets to take is by using films such as plastic wrap around the objects that you are moving and then using the moving blankets over top of the plastic film. This helps the moving blanket to not become covered in debris such as dust, dirt, or grime during the move as well as protecting the blankets from sharp corners or edges as well.

One of the downsides to using moving blankets over time is they tend to capture moisture from being in cold wet areas while waiting to be transported or packed up. This can cause the moving blankets to produce a slight odor over time and some users have shared their concerns over the last 30 years online.

One of the ways that we recommend to avoid this is by letting your moving blankets air dry in a warm dry area such as driveways, hanging up on a clothesline, and eventually spraying the dry blankets down with some Febreze or other odor eliminators of your choice! We recommend doing this outside in the garage or outdoors when possible as you will want to use a generous amount of odor eliminators on these blankets. Even if the blankets do not currently smell of an odor it may still be a good idea to go ahead and use odor eliminators to smell better for the future before the smell becomes stronger.

Moving Blankets Wrapped Around Fridge

What Happens if You Machine Wash Moving Blankets?

Over the last 30 years, we have had a lot of mixed feedback of putting moving blankets inside of household washing machines and washing machines that are located at laundry mats. Although we have never personally washed moving blankets ourselves as we are a provider of new moving blankets we can say from certain feedback that the heavier duty moving blankets seem to be much more durable than moving blankets with very little fabric per dozen.

Some users have reported that the cheaper moving blankets that have gone through the washing machine come out with small holes or tears in the fabric of the moving blanket. When moving blankets have tiny holes around the blanket it is no longer able to cover the entire surface area and could potentially risk your surfaces being exposed to minor scratches, dings, or even in some cases dents. If the moving blanket that becomes washed becomes damaged from having too many holes it may need to be completely replaced as the damage is too much.

Note putting moving blankets in washing machines may or may not cause damage to your blankets. Proceed at your own risk and discretion.

Best Places to Buy Moving Blankets Online

What are Moving Blankets Made out of?

Moving Blankets are made from a cotton and polyester blend that allows numerous layers of fabric to provide protection for your surfaces from becoming damaged from scratches, dings, dents, and other potential damage when moving. Moving Blankets are rated based on the total weight per dozen moving blankets as the industry-standard way to determine the amount of protection per blanket offers. The general rule of thumb is the more layers of fabric the more protection the blanket offers with the added bonus of durability as well. This is one of the many reasons that moving blankets with more fabric are much more durable and long-lasting as well.

These blankets differ from normal moving blankets as normal household blankets are very light and do not include the s pattern stitching that helps to provide durability and long-lasting. This helps to not only make numerous moves for your initial investment but also helps save you time by filing costly insurance claims if you are not careful with the customer’s belongings.

Are Moving Blankets Waterproof?

Are moving blankets waterproof? No. Moving Blankets are not waterproof and if they become in contact with any moisture they should be air-dried. This is in order to prevent mold and mildew from forming that could make the blankets develop a bad odor as well as the strength of the blankets being weakened over time. When moving blankets are placed outside in the elements it is crucial to remove the water from the blankets as soon as possible to reduce the risk of mold. We recommend air drying the blankets or using methods that do not include using the dryer to prevent potential damage.

Used Moving Blanket Being Resold for a Cheaper Price

Cheap Moving Blankets vs Expensive Moving Blankets

The phrase “You get what you pay for” is often applied to the moving blanket industry as well as many moving blanket suppliers will offer the cheapest moving blankets near me as their motto. However, one thing that they fail to often mention is that our lowest quality moving blanket is our competitor’s top tier moving blankets. When we created our online store we decided to keep the customer’s best interest in mind and provide our customers with quality and reputable moving blankets that had a lower price but had an increase in quality.

One of the best ways to determine if your deal seems too good to be true with cheap moving blankets is to check the weight per dozen moving blankets. If the price on these blankets is lighter in physical weight chances are the blankets are too good to seem true for the protection and quality that they are able to offer.