The Best Moving Blankets Guide

Published on 02/12/21

When it comes to purchasing the best moving blankets there are many different factors to consider such as what is the best moving blanket for your application. Some applications require the ultimate amount of protection that the moving blankets can provide. However, some alternative applications may require the best bang for the buck as the best moving blankets to purchase. Today we will be going over the best moving blankets for affordability and the levels of protection to help you determine what moving blankets fit your needs best!

The Best Moving Blankets Based on Price and Quality

The Best Moving Blankets for the Ultimate Protection

When it comes to the best moving blankets that offer the highest level of protection our Ultimate Cotton-Poly Moving Blankets by far is the best moving blankets. These blankets are the heaviest in physical weight and use the highest level of materials to ensure that these moving blankets create a barrier between the blankets and the sensitive surfaces that they are protecting.

One of the perks to using these moving blankets is along with the amount of protection they are able to offer they are also one of the most durable moving blankets on the market as well. These blankets are known to be a great return on investment for any moving company or those who move often. Traditional moving blankets that are store-bought use cheap fabric and may last for a limited time whereas these moving blankets can easily last for dozens of moves or more.

Although these blankets may cost more than some competitors online one thing that is extremely important to know when comparing your moving blanket options is the weight per dozen moving blankets. This is the general way to tell the amount of fabric that the moving blankets use as well as the amount of protection they can offer. You will often see competitors advertising using cheap heavy duty moving blankets with their highest tier moving blankets being our lowest tier of protection moving pads. These pricing models are designed to trick customers into purchasing a blanket that in most cases can not keep your sensitive surfaces from being protected and can put your sensitive surfaces at risk.

Our Moving Blankets Range from our lowest tier being 54-64 lbs per dozen to our highest ultimate tier of moving blankets weighing approximately 83-93 lbs per dozen blankets. All of our moving blankets are available in singles, packs of four, or sold by the dozen blankets or more based on how many moving blankets you need for your application needs. We also have bulk discount prices for moving fleets available for those who are interested give our team a call at 800-478-7869 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website. We look forward to being able to assist you with all of your moving blanket and moving supplies needs.

You can view our full selection of Ultimate Cotton Polyester Moving Blankets HERE.

Moving blankets wrapped around boxes

The Best Moving Blankets for the Price Point

When it comes to the best price for moving blankets we strongly recommend purchasing our premium moving blankets. These blankets take cost into consideration, longevity, as well as a higher level of protection compared to most moving blankets. These blankets are not the cheapest moving blankets or the highest quality moving blankets but offer the best of both worlds by providing an in-between level of protection and cost.

Premium Moving Blankets weigh approximately 72-82 lbs per dozen moving blankets on average and are the great in-between level of protection that they are able to offer. You can pick what color fits your application best such as Blue or Black & Gray moving blankets. These blankets are sold in singles, packs of four, and by the dozen moving blankets as the most commonly sized packs. However, we do offer bulk discount prices for those who are interested in purchasing a larger amount of blankets. If you are interested in purchasing bulk moving blankets you can give our team a call at 800-478-7869 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website.

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Finding the best deals on moving blankets

The Cheapest Moving Blankets for the Best Price

When it comes to having the cheapest moving blankets for the best price by far our budget moving blankets can get the job done for limited time use and at one great price. These blankets weigh approximately 54-64 lbs per dozen blankets and offer a decent amount of protection for most common application needs. The main downside of these moving blankets is the moving blankets are not as durable as our standard and heavy-duty moving blankets which may not be the best fit for those who move often such as professional moving companies.

These blankets are ideal for those who are first-time movers or those who know that after their next move the moving blankets may serve a limited time purpose without giving up the protection of most cheap moving blankets.

One of the best ways to get the best deals for your money is to wait for holiday sales if they are near and you don’t need the moving blankets immediately. You can do this by signing up for our online email list and typically expect to save anywhere from 10-15 percent using the online code for that sale. This is a great way to save money while still receiving FREE SHIPPING!

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Best Places to Buy Moving Blankets Online

How Big are the Best Moving Blankets?

The normal big size for moving blankets are 72 inches x 80 inches and are the industry standard for moving blankets. Some companies will sell a smaller size moving blanket that simply can not cover most surfaces during moves. These sizes you will want to avoid often come in the sizes of 40 inches x 72 inches and are often sold at a much cheaper price as you are only getting half of the protection in physical size and even less in weight per dozen blankets in the material that is used.

When it comes to having the best size of moving blankets the larger size is definitely worth the difference in price as you want to always ensure that your surfaces, furniture, or other objects that you are moving are covered all around to prevent any dings, scratches, or potential damage. One of the perks of also having the larger size is you are not limited to transporting smaller sizes as well which could even cause you to buy moving blankets a second time in the correct size.